How One Barcelona Band Didn’t Let Lockdown Stop Them From Being Creative!

El Pony Pisador are a folk-fusion band from Barcelona.

The band who were enthusiastically awaiting their UK tour this March as well as two festival dates in Australia in April were gutted when everything had to be put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the situation in Spain being one of the worst in the world, the band members also have had to be separate and isolated in their own homes.

However, the band did not let that stop them from working creatively. While the band have followed in the footsteps of many bands doing live stream concerts, I don’t think many other bands are offering the sheer amount of creativeness in other ways. The band asked their fans to draw pictures of “animals doing human stuff” – then the band individually wrote parts for micro-songs about these human-like animals and shared the finished product on YouTube, check it out here: 

Here we have Gustau the fox who plays the double bass! As you can see the band members can’t even stay in the same room together due to being in isolation as the COVID-19 pandemic is isolating millions worldwide. For many life is grinding to a halt, but for El Pony Pisador, it is just bringing out more of their creativity!

El Pony Pisador recently released their album Matricular Una Galera featuring tracks such as Lime Scurvy, Maggy May and Santianna. You can stream the full album on Spotify now:

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From Businessman to Tech Giant to Musical Maestro – The Remarkable Journey of Mustafa Khetty

Mustafa Khetty is a composer and song writer born in Sri Lanka and having lived in Ireland, UK, Middle East and Far East, each experience contributing to a rich and diverse palette of musical influence. His musical journey began early, with Mustafa exposed to Indian classical music and later on western classical, progressive rock and other genres. He started writing music at age 12 and scored the first sketches of a Rock/classical fusion concerto, toccata and fugue and other pieces by 15. By the end of 2017, it was a full circle return to his first passion after nearly 35 year as an investor and IT entrepreneur.

His music style ranges across different genres and fusion of both western and eastern styles and instruments merging soundscapes forming a tapestry of moods, emotions, rhythmic patterns and harmonic layers. Often described as world music, his creative spirit is free from rules, boundaries and parameters. A bohemian at heart, his music is a reflection of his travels, experiences and sonic expressions – keep an eye out for some amazing new music coming from Mustafa later this year!

Sounds of a Swedish Songstress: The Rising Phoenix

Swedish songstress Yajna has returned to complete her Rising Phoenix trilogy.

The final single (and title-track) has been released; a powerful anthem that ties up her musical collection, as well as her own story. The songs take you through her personal journey from her lowest moments to her ultimate empowerment and success.

“This is a song about how you can fall and rise into a stronger and more powerful version of yourself. This is a true story and it tells you to keep on believing in yourself even if people tell you lies or treat you bad, you will only get stronger and don’t let anyone bring you down.”


The track’s title comes from Yajna‘s experiences and struggles she encountered, after going through a mentally abusive relationship, divorce, and electro-shock treatment after being sectioned.

Not only does the song discuss this journey, Yajna’s life has been so remarkable that a documentary has been made. It follows the singer as she talks about her life from childhood to today.

The Rising Phoenix Trilogy is out now:





Estelle California Releases Hopeful Single ‘Star’

After a childhood surrounded by racist society, Estelle California found music to be the perfect vehicle for expressing herself. Used both to tell her own story and as a means of supporting those who have suffered, her new single ‘Star’ intends to make people feel “less alone and give them the hope to rise up”. The track goes as far as looking back to times when slaves where stripped of their names and identity, and rebranded by their masters, and comes from the suitably named EP My Name is Freedom.

Listen to ‘Star’:

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One to Watch: Marco Dalla Villa

Bursting onto the DJ scene both in London and on the continent, Marco Dalla Villa is bringing a fresh flavor to the dance floor.

Moving to UK from Italy, at the tender age of 19, Marco had big dreams to build a career in music, even if it meant breaking away from his home and his family. Having started performing and exploring his musical talents from 16 years old, it was in London where he developed his sound and experience, playing across the capital. Working as a delivery man to fund his aspirations, the DJ began cross-continental collaborations with artists from all over the globe to create exciting new material.

When gigging, Marco likes to connect with his audience members, saying “Dance music can be much more than just a strong kick and bass” and that he doesn’t “follow any music genre, I put emotions into the dance floor”. His musical ability, however, is not just born from his personal feelings, the producer started learning piano from the age of 4, as well as studying music theory and composition.

He is now preparing to officially release his music for the first time, and with a catalogue of dance tracks inspired by the likes of Eiffel 65 and Klaas, there is no doubt you’ll be hearing him on your next night out. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

A Sultry Sound of Late Night Groove, Tommi Waring Releases ‘Forever’

“An exotic and vibrant track fit for the sun, or at least dreaming of it”Wonderland Mag 

Delicately balanced between electronic and organic instrumentation, ‘Forever’ expertly employs string sections, juxtaposing the programmed drums and warm, analogue synth chords, ‘Forever’ feels like the final evolution of the Tommi Waring sound.

As the great-grandson of musician and TV Personality Fred Waring, Tommi was born in Florida and, naturally, started writing music from a young age. A multi-instrumentalist, Tommi is obsessed with creating a retro-influenced, contemporary pop sound – reflecting a similar musical ambiance to the likes of Frank Ocean, Blood Orange and Kaytranada.

Relocating in London, he has developed an effective working relationship with mix engineer Julian Blanco of Soho Sonic Studios (The studio have previously worked with the likes of Idris Elba, Diplo & Lethal Bizzle).

Since then, the Miami-natives output has been nothing short of mesmeric. Leaning on nostalgic, retro & film noir influences, Tommi released “Miami” – A sun drenched ode to his hometown, twinned with a stunning, hazy visual. The follow-up was the groove-rich flavour of “Dangerous”, exploring Tommi’s love for analogue synths in a feel good musical vehicle.

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NEW RELEASE: Cory Wells releases new acoustic singles ‘Patience’ and ‘Lost’

Ahead of his US tour, singer-songwriter Cory Wells releases two new singles ‘Lost’ and ‘Patience’ – two tracks that supply a build up of finger-picked patterns, emotive acoustic melodies and Well’s undeniably passionate vocals.

Wells signed to Pure Noise Records late last year, along with releasing his most recent single “Walk Away.” He shared: “I’ve looked up to Pure Noise Records and their incredible roster for a long time. To be a part of that family now is such a surreal feeling. They believe in the music and they believe in me. Gratitude is an understatement. Only love.

Well’s raw, intense vocals match the emotive lyrical content of both songs. ‘Patience’ lyrically focuses on the emotions that accompany discovering the infidelity of a partner and the message that you are ‘not alone’, whereas ‘Lost’ focuses on the ever-growing problem of drug-abuse – both topical and universal topics in their own right.

With a busy touring schedule and new music in the works, 2019 is already promising to be the biggest year yet for Wells.

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Lyrical realness and unapologetic honesty in London grime-rapper Alex Dutty’s debut album ‘Knock Down Ginger’

Choosing to side step the ‘guns, drugs, money and hoes’ stereotypical content, grime artist and London rapper Alex Dutty has a fresh take on the lyrical style in the grime scene.

The rapper gives unapologetically honest accounts of his deprived childhood and touts himself as the mouthpiece for people that grew in broken homes and who fight financial battles, self-doubt and hardships on a daily basis and his debut album Knock Down Ginger is a credit to this.

The album takes its name from the popular kids’ game he grew up playing as he moved home from hostel to hostel during a childhood that would be completely foreign to most people. With lead singles ‘What Can I say’, ‘Imagine’ and ‘Emoji’, Knock Down Ginger is a collection of tracks that focuses on love, break ups and social media – a topical context in a time where technology is rapidly changing the way we communicate in love and friendships.

Having garnered support slots for the likes of Wiley, Kano, Ghetts and Bashy, Alex has already proved that he is a name to watch out for this year and with his raw lyrical quality Alex brings a fresh realness to British grime music.

Check out the full album in the links below:





Emily Jean Flack’s forthcoming EP ‘Throwing Shapes’ is the folk and electronic mix that defies all expectations


Known for her fresh and organic sound in her single Another Year Gone By that was released late last year,  Irish artist  Emily Jean Flack  is back with her forthcoming EP Throwing Shapes. Born in Canada but with a passion for traditional Irish music, Emily puts forward a unique relationship of folk and electro genres that combine the cool, melodic beats of electro with the somewhat wild feelings that folk elicits.

Currently residing in Limerick, Ireland, Emily’s music radiates her culturally rich surroundings and the sense of freedom and independence gifted by the rolling hills and fairy tale landscapes of Ireland.

Throwing Shapes promises Irish style vocals that marries the soulful and raw melodies of the flute and fiddle, with chill electronic guitar riffs and beats. The track also features guest performances by true stars in the firmament of Irish folk music, whistle and flute player Brian Finnegan from the band Flook and guitarist Marty Barry.

With her 5 track EP Throwing Shapes to be released later this month Emily’s genre-spanning mix that defies expectation makes her an artist to watch in 2019.







Twilight Fields Release Anti-Populist Anthem ‘Demagogue’ Ahead Of Album

“Sounds like a politicized and melodic conversation between Rufus Wainwright, Bruce Cockburn and modern synthpop… his focus goes well beyond Canadian borders to grotesque developments in the political realm that are more universal (and spreading like a disease). ‘Demagogue’ is a timely foreboding of things to come (and a wake-up call about where we are now and how we’ve gotten here)” – The Record Stache

Canada’s Twilight Fields, the solo moniker of singer-songwriter Allister Thompson, has announced his new album ‘Songs from the Age of Ruin’, slated for release in early 2019. Ahead of this, he presents the first rather politically-charged single ‘Demagogue’, an expression of anti-populist sentiment.

Twilight Fields is truly a one-man show, with Thompson writing, playing, engineering, mixing, mastering and designing everything himself from his home studio in North Bay, Ontario.

His upcoming album, ‘Songs from the Age of Ruin’, is a warning to the present and an apology to a possible future. While Twilight Fields is best known for his blend of ambient, dream-pop and progressive rock influences, this album pays grateful homage to such artists as Billy Bragg, New Model Army, Killing Joke, Midnight Oil, and The Levellers, as well as other artists influencing his music like Leon Rosselson, Bob Dylan, Robert Wyatt, and Phil Ochs.

Songs from the Age of Ruin‘ is also an uneasy but compelling song cycle that begins with the bombing of Hiroshima and the absurdities of the atomic age and proceeds to tackle such difficult topics as homelessness and economic inequalities (‘Lazarus‘), the evils of populism and political repression (‘Demagogue‘, ‘Taken Away‘), the toxicity of social media communication (‘Offended‘), animal rights (‘The Animal’s Song‘), and the utter stupidity of war (‘Soldier Song‘). It concludes with a three-part “climate change suite” (‘Loss‘, ‘Barren Planet‘, ‘Why Did We Do It?‘) that lays bare the tragic human consequences of catastrophic climate change.

The album also contains two cover versions, including of Bruce Cockburn’s immortal classic ‘Lovers in a Dangerous Time’ and Thin Lizzy’s ‘Holy War’.

While growing up, certain passionate, activist musicians were very influential to me. So much so that I’d say they changed and shaped the person I would eventually become. There has never been a more crucial time for musicians to step up and add their voices to the chorus of reason necessary to take us back from the brink of total destruction,” says Allister Thompson.

The year 2019 finds the human species standing at a crossroads, with only two possible directions: survival or extinction. Artists should contribute their strong and clear voices to dialogues that could lead to our survival and renewal.

Allister Thompson has had a varied musical career, initially playing with Toronto-based glam-rock band Crash Kelly, together with Sean Kelly (now guitarist for Nelly Furtado), and opening for such notable artists as The Black Crowes and Alice Cooper. He later veered towards making traditional folk music, progressive rock and ambient music, recording several ambient rock albums as Twilight Fields and numerous albums of ambient/Krautrock/psychedelia under the monikers The Gateless Gate and Khan Tengri.

As of December 6, ‘Demagogue’ will be available via online stores and streaming platforms, including Spotify and iTunes, as well as Bandcamp. The full album ‘Song From The Age of Ruin’ LP will be released on February 1, 2019.