DARMA Release New Single ‘Procrasturbator’

With what might possibly be the best song title of 2018, Manchester-based trio DARMA release ‘Procrasturbator’ TODAY in support of their EP ‘Gloom’.

The band have coined the phrase “loudquietheavypop” to describe their genre, and ‘Procrasturbator’ demonstrates just how accurate this is. Fusing together grunge and alternative, DARMA have created a new furious and feral take on rock and roll, complete with a heavy dose of darkness.

The video (as seen below) demonstrates their maverick and unhinged approach to their art, featuring trip-inducing elements such as rotating cartoon pizzas and jump-out word art. This is an energetic, gritty young band, that aren’t afraid to deviate (and set fire) to the alt-rock formula.

Supporting the likes of Primal Scream, Dinosaur Pile Up, and fellow Mancunians The 1975 and Ist Ist, DARMA have had a busy 2018, playing shows at Sound City (Liverpool), Tramlines (Sheffield) and the
Manchester Apollo for Radio X.

And with their debut EP ‘Gloom’ scheduled for release on November 16, we can’t wait to see what these Mancs are going to do next.


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