Lyrical realness and unapologetic honesty in London grime-rapper Alex Dutty’s debut album ‘Knock Down Ginger’

Choosing to side step the ‘guns, drugs, money and hoes’ stereotypical content, grime artist and London rapper Alex Dutty has a fresh take on the lyrical style in the grime scene.

The rapper gives unapologetically honest accounts of his deprived childhood and touts himself as the mouthpiece for people that grew in broken homes and who fight financial battles, self-doubt and hardships on a daily basis and his debut album Knock Down Ginger is a credit to this.

The album takes its name from the popular kids’ game he grew up playing as he moved home from hostel to hostel during a childhood that would be completely foreign to most people. With lead singles ‘What Can I say’, ‘Imagine’ and ‘Emoji’, Knock Down Ginger is a collection of tracks that focuses on love, break ups and social media – a topical context in a time where technology is rapidly changing the way we communicate in love and friendships.

Having garnered support slots for the likes of Wiley, Kano, Ghetts and Bashy, Alex has already proved that he is a name to watch out for this year and with his raw lyrical quality Alex brings a fresh realness to British grime music.

Check out the full album in the links below: