‘MASK’ turn heads with mysterious single ‘Smiling Assassins’

Written by: Charlotte Bredael

‘MASK’ have become known for their effortlessly cool, smooth sound and Beatles-esque charm. Consisting of H Humphrey (guitar/vocals) and friend Craig (guitar/vocals) their new single ‘Smiling Assassins’ boasts a fresh blend of Blues and Glam-Rock with that mysterious ‘movie-soundtrack sound’ created through gripping guitar and gritty vocals, painting a picture of the shady character described in the track’s lyrics.

The inspiration for the record came when ‘MASK’ frontman H Humphrey suffered a loss and decided to escape his everyday life and left for Peru. Feeling enlightened on his return, he reached out to producer Michael
Mormecha and ‘Smiling Assassins’ was born. Never afraid to challenge the norms imbedded in the music industry, the track even features the band banging toolboxes and planks of wood over the chorus, creating a unique, experimental sound. The lyrics of ‘Smiling Assassin’ explore a friend’s betrayal by someone close to them, telling the tale in a gripping, addictive manner.

You can stream ‘Smiling Assassin’ on Spotify and Apple Music below and make sure to follow them on social media to keep up to see what these upcoming creatives do next.

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3j0c40Z
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Youtube: http://bit.ly/2CEp1ui
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Website: https://masktheband.com