National coverage of heartfelt father-son story proves that Music PR companies are just as important as ever.

After being made redundant from his job last summer, Richard Stevens has a new job and is making headlines all over the UK, thanks to some unexpected help from his son Oscar and a music PR company.

With his Dad missing out on over 200 jobs due to his CV alone, Oscar decided to send a song to employers, asking them to look further into the person behind the paper during the hiring process.

Under the name Uneven Stevens, the father-son duo contacted Quite Great, a music PR company, and asked them to listen to their track ‘Paper Me’.

As an unsigned, one-song band, the chances of recognition were slim, but upon reading the heartfelt story, Quite Great decided to give the song the platform it deserved.

Now, the story has reached the press all over The UK and Ireland. Making headlines in The Scottish Herald, The Belfast Telegraph and ITV News, as well as getting broadsheet mentions in The I, The Metro, The Star and The Sun, Uneven Stevens’ story shows why unsigned artists should reach out to music PR companies.

When asked about Richard’s story, his new boss Tim Coutts had this to say:

“He feels it’s his duty to give everyone a fair chance, and more to the point, to give him the best chance to get the right person by actually meeting them! Who hasn’t got a few hours in a day to do that? This is exactly what we want to convey to those people that call themselves ‘Talent Acquisition Managers’ playing God by deciding what someone is like from a CV alone. More than ever before everyone must be given a chance to prove their worth, so they can put food on the table and feed their kids”

Tim Coutts

You can check out the heartwarming track on Soundcloud below and give Uneven Stevens a follow on social media to see what the father-son duo do next.