Franki Pineapple gives the middle finger to social expectations with unapologetically explicit single ‘F*ck It Man!’

Hailing from Hollywood, Franki Pineapple has already took advantage of the countless opportunities available in her star-studded neighbourhood, paving her way as a screenwriter, novelist and journalist before turning to her now most prominent venture, music.

Never afraid to turn heads with her fearless personality and explicit lyrics, Franki doesn’t need anyone’s approval and continues to protest against all that is expected of musicians in modern society.

Franki was first picked up for her musical talent when she was in her twenties by major songwriter and actor JD Souther who has worked with legends like The Eagles and James Taylor, who hired her to transcribe his lyric journals. Through his encouragement, JD unleashed the lyrical talent inside Franki, helping her to become the bold and truthful artist she is today.

With a new stage name and logo created by no other than John Pashe who designed the iconic Rolling Stones logo, all was going to plan. However, like all who stray away from the norm, Franki faced some criticism for her work, only before being (casually) sued by Apple Inc.

“Apple brought a compromise settlement to the table which I felt deep in my soul would limit me in ways I
simply could not sign on for. I had done nothing wrong, I had infringed on Apple in no way, all I had done
was put my heart and soul into the creation of something cool which represented peaceful rebellion I knew
I could not back down and so I decided to fight.” – Franki Pineapple

Despite this setback, Franki fought back and won, not letting anything get in her way. You can listen to her new single ‘F*** It Man!’ on Soundcloud when it’s released in a few days time, but prepare yourself as we’ve counted 36 uses of the word f*** – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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