Malcura blend genres into their new mind-bending album ‘Malcura II’, guiding you on a journey through time and space

Always fans of bending your expectations of music, Malcura fuse together the most unexpected genres, combining the passion of flamenco and jazz with toe-tapping Latin rhythms and a rock and roll mentality that will have you hooked and will leave you wondering what they’ll come out with next.

They’ve already grabbed the attention of music lovers across Australia with their distinct sound and are now making their way across the pond to the UK, with a fast-growing fanbase and plans to take over the world one mind-bending track at a time.

Having been honing their craft as buskers at Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall since 2013, they’ve developed imaginative songwriting which perfectly compliments their impressive lead guitar and powerful drums, creating a feel-good, exotic sound.

Always fans of a good theme, they use their music videos to tell a story, with their latest video ‘Captain Snus’ transporting you back to the 50s with a classic TV introduction and canned support from an adoring crowd.

Malcura’s first taste of success came in 2016 when their covers of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ gained them global recognition before their debut album was nominated for ‘Best Global/Reggae Album’ at The Age Music Victoria Awards. Since then, they’ve become festival favourites and secured countless shows across Australia, even receiving a standing ovation from a crowd at Palais Theatre.

You’ll soon be hearing more from Malcura with their new album ‘Malcura II’ being released on November 27th, where they explore a wider musical landscape than ever before and an intense space-themed storyline following an astronaut named ‘Captain Snus’ on a journey through a black hole. The listening experience will be heightened by the visual accompaniment of stunning video artwork courtesy of Jamie Peters.

While you wait to be introduced to this transportive musical experience, you can check out their previous album on Spotify and follow them on social media via the links below to be the first to hear ‘Malcura II’ when it’s released.


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