The Fabulous Red Diesel live up to their name with major 16-track soul-jazz album

The weird and wonderful ‘The Fabulous Red Diesel’ are a collective like nothing you’ve experienced before. Drawing on influences from all aspects of nature, the group give off an effortlessly cool, laid-back, hippie vibe and will have you mesmerised by their swooning soul and addictive jazz melodies.

Their new album ‘The Queensbury House Sessions’ is set to expand their reach to fans across the globe, capturing the hearts of fans of a thoughtful, soothing sound.

The Hastings-based group is made up of Ms Kitty (Kat Lee-Ryan) on vocals, keys and flute; her husband Duke Boom (Will Lee-Ryan) on drums; transgender musician Miss Bea-Have (Beatrice Gullick) on double bass, tuba and trumpet and Rabbi Jaffa Delicious (Simon Dobell) on guitar and trumpet. Their dedication to live shows has already built them a strong fanbase, instantly turning heads when they performed as the support artist for The James Taylor Quartet, Skunk Anansie and Jeff Buckley.

The collection of tracks open with an atmospheric blend of oriental instruments and gentle piano, setting the tone for the rest of the album before seamlessly layering drums over Ms Kitty’s unique vocals. The quirky sound is sure to grab your attention and will leave you eager to listen on.

The second track off the record is their newest single ‘Butterfly Mind’ which is accompanied by a music video showing the band performing live. The track’s lyrics explore the importance of remaining connected to nature and the vocals are perfectly complimented by beautiful harmonies.

Moving through the album we have ‘The Game’ which provides the sounds of old broadway, highlighting Miss Bea-Have’s trumpet skills, while ‘Mama Josie Said’ carries a stripped back sound that focuses on creating atmosphere through vocals.

The theme of nature continues into ‘Apple Tree’ which has a quirky, 60s-style beat that will have you up and dancing, while ‘Birdy’ pairs its bouncy sound with chirpy bird snippets that maintains wondrous subject of nature throughout the album.

‘Protect Myself From You’ is sure to prove itself as a hit at live shows, while the contrasting ‘Innocence’ and ‘War’ provide gripping bass and thoughtful lyrics that will stick in your mind. Closing the album we have ‘Helium Balloon’ which introduces a different sound to what we are used to hearing from The Fabulous Red Diesel, showing that they’re more than capable of providing something for everyone.

Still not convinced? Check out the 16-track album for yourself on Soundcloud and Spotify now and make sure to follow The Fabulous Red Diesel on social media to see what fabulous ideas they come up with next!




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