der Mist release new electric single in anticipation of album release!

Glasgow-based duo Der Mist bring unique a fusion genre featuring elements of pop, rock, new wave, indie and electronic to the table, bringing a refreshing new edition to the world of upcoming music. Their self titled album is due for release on February 26th but if you can’t wait until then, you can get a preview of whats to come from their new single ‘It’s Alright’ which is out now, as well as getting excited for other tracks from the album being released over the next month.

You would be forgiven for mistaking Der Mist for a band due to their massive sound but the talent behind the music are multi-instrumentalists Craig McKissick and Ali Whitty. Ali met Craig after working his way through other bands such as Crash My Model Car (signed to V2 Records) and Augusta Fireball and eventually setting up a charity supporting young musicians. The pair have strayed away from what is expected of modern music and using a combination of their musical and technical skills to follow their own path. You can see more of their journey as the duo document their creative process and what life as a musician is like through their social media and vlogs.

Their new single ‘It’s Alright’ perfectly captures the irresistible atmosphere created by 80s synth pop but with Der Mist’s staple contemporary twist. You can hear the duos passion and sense of positivity for what they do through their lyrics which are well suited to today’s climate. Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Craig explained:

‘It’s Alright was the first track Ali worked on with me when I was 16 that I can distinctly remember having
this feeling that we were on to something – that’s why it’s the debut track. Like a lot of tracks on the album,
it went through so many versions. I remember at one point it had so much going on, I was getting carried
away layering up sounds trying to turn it into a drum ‘n’ bass dance track.

After hearing it, Ali swiftly decided we had to go back to basics and get the core elements of the demo and turn them into something better. Some elements from my outrageous version are still in there, but my favourite part of the process
was recording the guitar solo. We had so much fun trying to channel our inner 80’s child (even though I
wasn’t born then), trying to get something unique and fresh but also something that evokes that nostalgic
feeling. Lyrically the track harkens back to the uncertainty I and I’m sure a lot of people had growing up and
just having the confidence to tell yourself everything is going to be ok. And yes there is a reference to Kool
and the Gang’s ‘Get Down On It’ in there, why not!’

Craig McKissick

The upbeat, catchy nature of ‘It’s Alright’ can be seen throughout the album, which will be coming your way on February 26th. Make sure to follow Der Mist on social media to be the first to hear their upcoming singles and their self-titled album when it’s released!