Folk duo Toby and Pip release ‘Little Lady’ – an uplifting new single and ode to their daughter

Little Lady is a moving new single from married folk duo, Toby & Pip, which celebrates the joys of parenting and raising a young child. The song is about how becoming a parent drives you to always be the best you can be, and to provide the best life you can for your child.  

When their daughter Josie was born, Toby began recording one-second videos every day to document the magical time of watching their baby grow up. Toby continues to record these videos and both he and Pip chose their favourites to make up the music video for Little Lady. The result is a brilliantly heart-warming glimpse at the lives of a very young family. 

Musically, the couple have a style reminiscent of The Shires or Passenger, but still have enough character and honesty about their work to make it feel truly unique.  

Little Lady is out now! 



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