Jordan Dean excellently draws from British influences in new EP ‘Local’

After the successes of several well-crafted singles like ‘Gone’ and ‘Lost’, Cleveland-based artist Jordan Dean is about to treat his growing fanbase to the new EP, Local. While the new release is clearly inspired by the likes of The Libertines and Jamie T, Dean’s musical palette is vast, and the broad range of influences he pulls from is allowing the 21-year-old to start carving out his own unique style. 

The energy and playfulness of songs like ‘Drunk’ and the title-track ‘Local’ have a feel comparable to the works of The Kooks, and achieve the atmosphere of a band playing a tight set in an intimate venue, something that was a key goal for Dean and producer Tone Def when creating the EP. 

Having written the songs between the ages of 18 and 19, they are about more than just the fun of drinking and partying; they capture how messy and conflicted that time of life can be. This contrast is present in tracks like ‘Friend’ and ‘What I’m Feeling’ which offer quieter meditations on loneliness and miscommunication. 

As a whole, Local strikes a great balance between lively and introspective, which powerfully reflects the mixture of emotions we all feel towards the end of our teenage years. The EP is being released on March 12th while the single version of Local is out now, so go give it a listen! 

Written by Lewis Woods







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